Artist Statement

Growing up while representing prolific artists in an art industry has been a breath-taking experience for me.

Secretly, I seek the reaction when the connection of my artwork aligns with my collector’s reality. I believe my artworks will still be admired and viewed in 500 years’ time, and I set out to use only the best products and materials to achieve this goal.

I paint because I can, because I love it, because it moves me, because it keeps me lucid, because this is what I know and this is what I have been taught and learnt the most. I use many different medias like oils, acrylics, resins, varnishes, stainers, inks, metallics, polvins and enamels in my works to achieve what I feel is right for the particular piece to subtly influence texture, light or movement. I use wooden and metal spoons, brushes, pallet knives, porcelain cups, sponges, paint cans, my fingers and lips and various other instruments to manipulate the colors and materials on my canvasses. Color, purpose, style and movement are always significant to me and these elements are always fused together in my works with music inspiration. I can’t create without music. Ever.

My favourite aspect of creating my artworks is being the exploiter of the final product. It inspires me to move forward from a blank white canvass to something that will have meaning and purpose in somebody’s life. I know a piece is completed when I sign the canvass. I am never happy to sign the canvass and go back, I rather go back over and over again until I am happy with the whole artwork. Signature is the final aspect to my experience of completing my artwork. Therefore, if my signature is on the canvass it is in my view complete.

I start a work by planning it for hours, days or sometimes weeks and months, I stare at my blank canvasses and admire their emptiness and then my next step is to turn up the audio system and get down to work.

The most important thing to me, when people see my work, is to feel emotion; to connect somehow with it and take away what they feel is right for them.

Tylo ~ October 2012 A.D